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We create graphic designs with environmental
and sustainability in mind.

Our services

We offer full-service consulting, design, and implementation, from printing setup through book binding.

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Design studio

A proper design is what can help your business flourish.

Paperiso embodies professionalism as well as a love of design and craftsmanship. Our area of expertise is visual communication, which includes brand development, logo design, website design, illustration, as well as implementation and prepress services. We are not afraid of unconventional solutions or experiments. We want to not only create, but also give other creators the opportunity to put their ideas into action.

Risograph printing

We offer high-quality services that are both useful and artistic.

RISO blends the practicality of printing with its swiftness and the creativity of the medium. Artists and designers are drawn to risography for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is inexpensive to produce. In part because of the raster or noise and original colors used in RISO printing, the final product often comes as a pleasant surprise.

Paperiso is a risograph and design studio founded by two designers.

Paweł Pniewski


Paulina Kowalik


For meticulous attention to detail, a passion for print and paper, and the desire for creative independence. Every project that challenges us, we believe, allows us to discover new solutions and possibilities.

After years of working as designers together, we have not only developed the ability to share ideas effectively without using words, but we have also become experts at a wide variety of methods for both creating and replicating visual content. Beginning with photography and traditional workshop methods, printing progressed through offset, screen, and eventually digital methods. When we got our hands on the first RISO machine, we were blown away by its speed and fascinating technology, as well as by its ability to mimic many of the unexpected effects we're used to seeing with traditional printing methods but that are impossible to achieve digitally.

Our misson

We reinvest the profits from our printing services to achieve our primary goal of supporting independent creators.
We want to create a community where creativity knows no bounds by organizing exhibitions, educational projects, workshops, and residencies, as well as by assisting others in putting their own ideas into action.


Ink is made from rice bran. Every piece of certified paper we use comes from a reputable source.


That is why we exist: to assist independent creators in reaching their full creative potential.


The cost of a single print is reduced as the quantity increases. We accept orders starting at 10 pieces.


Printing locally keeps your money in the community.

Our machinery

Explore the options we offer.

We use RISO MZ770 and SF5350 equipment in our studio. This facilitates the creation of elaborate projects, from the initial paper selection through printing and self - realization. Paperiso Studio now carries all eight of the classic RISO tones, including black, red, blue, orange, fluorescent pink, green, yellow, and purple.

It's not possible to recreate Riso's level of color saturation. Bright colors printed on multiple layers produce striking visual effects as they blend.

Antonio Porter


What else can we create?

You may trust that even the most intricate bookbinding projects can be realized with the help of our studio's expert guillotine, creaser, folding machine, and other bookbinding instruments.

We work with reputable suppliers, and our inventory includes only certified papers from reputable manufacturers. Are you looking for prints on your own paper?
We'll get along fine!

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with creative individuals, groups, and community initiatives. Do you want to find an independent publisher or launch a campaign to spread information? Maybe you want to put on an exhibit or develop a new idea for a project. We welcome your suggestions and are up for any task, no matter how daunting.

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